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Prägung vs. Lasergravur: Personalisierung von Lederwaren

Prägung vs. Lasergravur: Personalisierung von Lederwaren

Die individuelle Gestaltung von Lederartikeln verleiht Persönlichkeit und Exklusivität. Hierbei bieten sich vor allem zwei Methoden an: die Prägung und die Lasergravur. Die Prägung besticht durch ihre Langlebigkeit und Pflegeleichtigkeit,...
Ledertischset von ROHLEDER – funktional und zeitlos schön

Leather table set from ROHLEDER - functional and timelessly beautiful

With the functional leather table set, the high-quality range from ROHLEDER has been expanded to include another unique product. With our glass coasters made of genuine leather, you can prevent...
Wagner’s Original – für eine intensive und nachhaltige Lederpflege

Wagner's original - for intensive and lasting leather care

Whether the ROHLEDER leather aprons, the ROHLEDER grill gloves or the ROHLEDER knife bags, all products from our company have in common that only the best materials are used. Cleaning...
ROHLEDER Messertaschen – unsere einzigartige Neuentwicklung

ROHLEDER knife bags - our unique new development

High-quality leather products are both our passion and calling. Our latest development is the pocketless ROHLEDER Knife bags that further complete our offer of the highest quality. Like the leather aprons , gloves and leather...
Die Atmungsaktivität von Leder – der Garant für hohen Komfort

The breathability of leather - the guarantee for high comfort

Our high quality leather aprons and grill gloves are characterized, among other things, by outstanding breathability. This property is very important to us and essential in terms of comfort. ROHLEDER only uses uncoated leather,...
ROHLEDER Grillhandschuhe: Unsere neuste Entwicklung von höchster Qualität

ROHLEDER grilling gloves: Our latest development of the highest quality

Our enthusiasm for high-quality leather products manifested itself in the handmade ROHLEDER leather aprons, which are characterized by a unique design and high quality. Personalization with logos and texts was...
Lederschürzen: Nachhaltig, langlebig, natürlich und individuell

Leather aprons: Sustainable, durable, natural and individual

Leather production is considered the oldest craft in human history and brings to light a unique material that is still used in various products today. Sometimes the numerous positive properties...
ROHLEDER Ledergürtel – Innovation durch höchste Qualität

ROHLEDER leather belts - innovation through the highest quality

It is not mandatory to speak of an innovation only when a completely new product is created. In the case of our ROHLEDER leather belts, it is the combination of...
Kochschürzen: Der effektive Schutz vor Verunreinigungen und Verletzungen

Cooking aprons: The effective protection against dirt and injuries

Cooking aprons are the ideal companion in the kitchen, on the grill and when baking. Due to their natural resilience and easy cleaning, they have a clear advantage over conventional fabric aprons. The ROHLEDER leather aprons in particular score points here - water-repellent and fat-absorbing, they will stay with you for years with the right care.
Die Entstehungsgeschichte der ROHLEDER Lederschürzen

The history of the origin of the ROHLEDER leather aprons

ROHLEDER has been offering high-quality, handmade leather aprons for years. The passion for the material is evident from the high quality and natural texture. But what is the origin story...