Leather care


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A special leather care product, specially developed for our leather and manufactured by hand in Austria. We have strived to develop the perfect leather care while leaving out everything that is unhealthy or useless. What is left is pure nature - matching our leather.

The use of high-quality jojoba oil was particularly important to us in the formulation - although it is more expensive than other oils, it has unbeatable care properties, penetrates deep into the leather and keeps it soft and comfortable over the long term.


Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil and Beeswax


85ml (2.9 fl.oz.)

Hinter den Kulissen

Whether leather apron, barbecue gloves, knife bag or placemat, only the best materials are used to manufacture high-quality ROHLEDER products. A damp, lint-free cloth is enough to remove all kinds of dirt from the surface. If you want to give the natural leather a special intensive care for more durability, our leather care is the best choice.

Our leather care consists of purely natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, beeswax and castor oil. In particular, the high-quality jojoba oil has unbeatable care properties and penetrates deep into the leather. The best possible care was the goal of our development - and we have achieved it.

The natural product absorbs quickly, impregnates, is easy to apply and preserves the natural beauty of the leather. Cheap lanolin, which is used in many products from other manufacturers and gives the material a sticky touch, is not used in our high-quality leather care products. Only the best ingredients are used in our leather care.