It is not mandatory to speak of an innovation only when a completely new product is created. In the case of our ROHLEDER leather belts, it is the combination of high-quality materials, special details and the highest level of craftsmanship that makes our latest creation something unique. The length of the belt is individually adjusted and thus ensures a special wearing comfort. If desired, initials can be embossed into the tip of the leather belt, which can, for example, take up the personal name or the name of a company. Our high-quality leather belts, which are manufactured in Wels, Austria, are characterized by several features. In today's story we summarize the most important information.

The stainless steel buckle – a unique selling point

The most important feature that sets our belts apart is the stainless steel buckle. In addition to being elegant and fashionable at the same time, stainless steel buckles offer a multitude of advantages. On the one hand they are nickel-free and therefore cannot lead to allergic reactions, on the other hand buckles made of solid stainless steel are very scratch-resistant. While the top layer of nickel-plated buckles detaches over time and the underlying surface becomes visible, stainless steel buckles present themselves with a constant and robust aesthetic. The numerous advantages are offset by a somewhat more expensive production, but the highest possible quality and impressive longevity come at a certain price.

ROHLEDER leather belts – the different designs

Of course, not only the belt buckle, but also the leather used meets the highest quality standards. That's why our ROHLEDER leather belts don't just fall apart, as is often the case with belts made of bonded leather. There are two different versions to choose from, each in three colors, all of which impress with their outstanding durability.

Lined leather belts - natural and elegant

In the lined version, vegetable-tanned cowhide is used as the lining leather. A fine, uncoated cow nappa with unique natural features is used as upper leather. This makes each belt unique, revealing part of its history. Due to its natural state, the noble upper leather reacts a little more sensitively to environmental influences, but an occasional treatment with a little leather care is enough to preserve the natural beauty.

Simple leather belts – easy to care for and robust

In addition to the lined variant, there is a solid, simple leather belt to choose from, which consists of a thicker layer of grain leather. The description "simple" primarily expresses the fact that no specific combination of materials is used. Rather, this version convinces with a simple elegance that goes hand in hand with a high scratch resistance. Compared to the lined belt, the solid, simple variant is easier to care for. Whichever version you choose, you can rely on the usual ROHLEDER quality and receive a product that knows how to impress in every conceivable respect.