High-quality leather products are both our passion and calling. Our latest development is the pocketless ROHLEDER Knife bags that further complete our offer of the highest quality. Like the leather aprons , gloves and leather potholders ROHLEDER only uses the best materials to offer you maximum durability, aesthetics and functional benefits. But what were the considerations behind the development and what are the characteristics knife bags out? In this blog post we would like to answer these and other questions about the innovative new development.

The inspiration and motivation behind the ROHLEDER knife bags

Over the years we have had some experience with commercially available knife bags collect. We noticed that the handling is not exactly optimal and that the given pocket sizes limit the choice of knives considerably. Favorite cutting tools often could not be accommodated because there was simply no corresponding compartment or a few millimeters were missing. In addition, we had to realize that some products became unusable after a short time due to their processing, as the quivers were damaged by the knives stored. While in the first few days of use a considerable amount of force had to be used to remove the cutting tool, after a few weeks there was no longer sufficient support. In both cases, painful cuts can result. The findings and observations gave us the idea of ​​creating a new, unique product that has none of the shortcomings and is accompanied by a significant gain in comfort.

Magnets - the basis of pocketless ROHLEDER knife cases

In the development of ROHLEDER knife bag The first question for us was what size the pockets for the knives should ideally be. The width of the knife should not play a role if possible. In order to be able to remove the cutting tools more easily, the handles should not have to be inserted, but should be directly accessible. Eventually the idea of ​​using magnets came up. We made a number of experiments with different magnet strengths and also experimented extensively with the number of magnets. On the one hand, the knives should not be able to slip, on the other hand, the cutting tools should be able to be arranged as desired. We were able to implement both aspects and the knife width also plays a role with the ROHLEDER knife bags not matter. Knives up to 42 cm in length can be easily accommodated. The magnets are completely safe for mobile phones and do not cause any damage. Credit cards in a wallet are also completely safe. However, for security reasons, a credit card or other card with stored information should not be placed directly on the magnets. To prevent the magnets from slipping, we decided to sew them in securely. This is quite complex, but perfection and attention to detail characterize our way of working and thus our products.

ROHLEDER knife bags - well thought out down to the smallest detail

The issue of transport safety was also important to us. Our extensive impact and jerking tests, which at times may have seemed like a new kind of expressive dance to outsiders, served to ensure unconditional product safety. With the end product, the knives always remain in place, regardless of the transport conditions. Of course, specially tanned, natural and untreated cowhide is used as the material. The leather used on the outside impresses with visible, unique natural features and acquires the typical used look over time. On the inside, high-quality suede leather ensures that the knives are elegantly bedded. In order to offer maximum storage options, we have incorporated three compartments for non-magnetic tools and tweezers. In addition, the ROHLEDER knife bags Features a convenient zip pocket that covers both the inside and the outside when the knife bag rolled up is freely accessible. Two zippers to one compartment make this flexibility possible. The zip pocket is particularly suitable for keys, but also for other valuables.

Maximum comfort in every respect - even when worn

THE RAWHIDE knife bags characterizes maximum comfort in every respect. We have also paid great attention to the carrying handle and the carrying strap so that they are pleasant to the touch and simply feel good. While the core of the carrying handle consists of hard, stable leather, the pleasantly soft coating ensures a high level of carrying comfort without cutting into it. The padded shoulder strap allows you to transport even a heavy weight with ease. Whether your logo or a special text, ROHLEDER knife bags individually stamped and thus personalised. The bags are a European product, handcrafted with the utmost precision based on an Austrian design with leather from Italy in Portugal. Heavily stressed seams are double reinforced and the magnets are sewn firmly and precisely. THE RAWHIDE knife bags stand for the highest quality down to the smallest detail.