Cooking, grilling and baking is a passion that is lived and naturally associated with various splashes of food. Aprons have always protected clothing from contamination and are therefore sometimes an integral part of chefs' workwear. At the same time, they minimize the general risk of injury, as hot sauces and splashes of fat are effectively prevented and cannot penetrate to the wearer. But which material should be chosen when buying an apron? What should be considered when cleaning? In this blog post we look at the most important aspects and show the special advantages of ROHLEDER aprons.

The advantages of a leather apron as a cooking apron

In addition to fabric aprons, leather aprons are very popular, which ultimately emerge as the clear winner when the material properties are compared. Especially when grilling, flying sparks can occur, which can lead to a dangerous situation with a fabric apron and, in the worst case, to burns. In addition, hot splashes of fat from a permeable fabric can not only result in contamination of clothing, but even cause an extremely uncomfortable feeling of heat. In contrast, leather aprons are heat-resistant, water-repellent and extremely durable. Grease and oil also penetrate the leather without leaving unwanted stains. Among other things, these impressive material properties are partly responsible for ROHLEDER's firm belief that leather is the ideal material for cooking aprons and that its durability guarantees countless hours of cooking. For example, if you buy our leather apron in a natural brown color, you are purchasing a high-quality leather product that has all the advantages of the material used and also represents a result of our passion.

The uncomplicated cleaning of leather cooking aprons

The leather apron as a cooking apron is extremely easy to care for and does not require time-consuming washing machine cycles. The various stains that usually appear when cooking can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth. In view of the good cleaning properties, hands can be wiped on the apron without hesitation. For the intensity of the advantages of a leather apron, the quality is primarily decisive. While most manufacturers offer aprons made from synthetic leather or Chinese split leather, our leather is made from exquisite grain leather from cattle in Italy. The handmade and natural aprons from ROHLEDER have particularly good cleaning properties due to the high quality of workmanship. The surface is only waxed and without a plastic coating, so that the folds of the cowhide, individual scars and insect bites can be seen and give the leather apron a unique character.

The special wearing comfort of leather aprons

In addition to outstanding material properties and easy cleaning, ROHLEDER aprons are particularly comfortable to wear. In particular, the low weight of 700 g stands out and allows you to wear it for hours without any negative side effects. The ultimate freedom of movement is a significant advantage, especially in the kitchen, and allows dishes to be prepared with particular ease. Our leather is velvety soft, is extremely pleasant to the touch and naturally adapts to the shape of the body. In addition, it is extremely breathable, comparable to a leather shoe, which significantly reduces the risk of sweating. With their pockets, our leather aprons offer sufficient storage space for cooking utensils and thus a further plus in comfort. At ROHLEDER you can personalize your leather product and give it an individual touch. We not only offer you the embossing of a text or logo, but also the embroidery with a colored logo. If you want to buy leather cooking aprons, you should choose a high-quality ROHLEDER product to take full advantage of the full range of benefits.