2 x Leather Potholders



Europäische Handarbeit

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Two natural, heat-resistant and water-repellent potholders in the color of your choice, made from 100% Italian cowhide.

Our leather pot holders offer a good grip on hot ceramic molds or pots. Thanks to the thick layer of leather, you don't feel any contact heat. Also suitable for storing pots.

They are made by hand in Croatia and are of the best quality.

The leather is natural and not coated. As a result, natural features are visible on the surface and the coloring is not 100% homogeneous. The surface has been treated with wax to make the leather water-repellent. The natural surface treatment not only makes the apron easy to care for and durable, but also brings out the unique characteristics of the leather skin.


Die Topflappen sind Hitzeresistent und Wasserabweisend. Sie können sie für Arbeiten am Herd, Grill oder Ofen verwenden, sie haften hervorragend an Keramik und Glasgeschirr und bieten sicheren Halt beim heben von vollen Formen.

Bei Kontakt mit Essen können Sie die Topflappen einfach abwaschen.


Real leather from Italy, wipeable and water-repellent


Dimensions: 20x20cm( 8 x 8 in)

Cleaning and care

The pot holders can be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth. In the case of stubborn dirt such as dried sauce or dough, the soiled area must first be moistened to soften, as repeated rubbing with wet, rough cloths can lead to slight abrasion of the wax layer. They are not machine washable. Grease and oil splashes soak into the leather without leaving stains. Any scratches or worn areas can be treated with a leather care product.

Scope of order

2 genuine leather potholders in the chosen color


Without a doubt, potholders are among the small, practical utensils that no kitchen should be without. Again and again it is necessary to remove hot pots or pans from the stove and casserole dishes and baking dishes from the oven. Our high-quality ROHLEDER leather pot holders offer optimal protection and protect your hands from burns.

If you buy our leather pot holders, you are purchasing the highest quality in an elegant robe. The natural, water-repellent and heat-resistant pot holders are made from genuine Italian cowhide in Croatia and still have all the natural features. Therefore, one can speak of true unique pieces that do not allow any contact heat to penetrate.

Easy-care and durable, the leather pot holders offer a good grip on hot ceramic molds or pots. Our claim to the highest quality can also be seen and felt in this product.