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Enthusiasm from the deepest conviction – the ROHLEDER team

Behind the high-quality leather products from ROHLEDER is a motivated team that puts all their heart and soul into the development, production and sale of the unique items with enthusiasm for the cause. It was the interplay of different, individual strengths that made the emergence of this special brand, which stands for high quality and uncompromising individuality, possible. In this blog post we would like to introduce you to the ROHLEDER team and tell you a special story.

The right chemistry as a starting point for a common future

We, Paul Ortner, Philipp Hartl and Julian Aichinger, are the well-coordinated team behind ROHLEDER and once went to a chemistry school in Vienna together. As part of our school education, we got to know and appreciate each other better. We realized relatively quickly that interpersonal chemistry harmonizes extremely well in every respect and is designed for a common future. For this reason, after attending school, we worked together as a trio for a manufacturer that primarily produces leather for the automotive industry. We were certainly able to collect some empirical values, but the realization also grew that mass production with price pressure leads to a strong reduction in quality. Our passion for leather ultimately led to the decision to go our own way and develop high-quality and natural leather products ourselves. In particular, individuality and naturalness should be essential components of our creations.

The first development of an emerging leather manufacture

The ROHLEDER leather apron, a fascinating symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics, was our first development and laid the foundation for further, unique products. During development, it was extremely important to us that all natural features, such as individual scars and folds of the cowhide, are always preserved and that every leather apron is unique. We strived for an expansion and further improvement of our offer and finally offered a personalization of the leather aprons. Design and quality are still fundamental components of our work and our developments. In addition, it is important to us that all products are manufactured in Europe.

The combination of different strengths as the secret of success

We work extremely well as a team and complement each other in many ways thanks to individual skills and strengths. Paul Ortner is the creative entrepreneur who is constantly developing new ideas and making the future tangible with visions. Philipp Hartl is the tireless perfectionist who puts his design ideas on paper, implements them in prototypes and gives a lot of thought to the product details. Julian Aichinger is the master of numbers, who always keeps an overview, brings you back down to earth and pays close attention to the punctual dispatch of all orders. We are united by a passion for leather, quality and individuality.

Our drive is the satisfaction of our customers

The positive feedback from our customers is motivation, drive and at the same time the basis of our work. Even strong efforts and considerable effort are sidelined and are of secondary importance in view of the feedback. Sometimes the development of knife pockets and BBQ gloves can be traced back to requests and suggestions from our customers. Our aim is none other than to create the best leather products on the market. We want to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience and the best quality at all times. The ROHLEDER team looks back on an eventful past, lives in a special present with exciting tasks and looks to a future with new developments and the further development of a unique leather manufacture.

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