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The history of the ROHLEDER leather aprons

The history of the ROHLEDER leather aprons

ROHLEDER has been offering high-quality, handmade leather aprons for years. The passion for the material is evident from the high quality and the natural texture. But what is the story behind the quality products? Was there a certain inspiration? My name is Paul Ortner and in this blog post I would like to tell you the special story of ROHLEDER, which is an important part of my life.

The hour of birth of the idea of our own leather manufacture

I have always admired the special properties of leather as a material. At a young age, I already appreciated the resilience and ease of care of the environmentally friendly natural product at cozy barbecues. After all, over the years I built up an expert knowledge and passion became a personal calling. One day I was in a Swiss department store and discovered leather aprons that, on closer inspection, were of disappointing quality. I asked myself whether it could have been an exception and subsequently paid more attention to the leather aprons available in stores. To my surprise, I found that most leather aprons were cardboard, hard, and heavy. Still, the prices were astonishingly high. The idea of developing a leather especially for leather aprons and having it manufactured in Europe increasingly manifested itself.

The unique development of ROHLEDER leather aprons

The idea should become a reality and so I got together with two friends in 2019. One of them created the unique design, which is a special feature of the high-quality ROHLEDER leather aprons to this day. We went to Italy to develop leather according to our ideas with a tannery. The result was a light and soft leather that simply looks good and meets the highest quality standards. In Portugal we finally found a small family business that produces our leather aprons by hand in the desired quality. From an initial inspiration in Switzerland to a design created in Austria to leather production in Italy and further processing in Portugal – every ROHLEDER leather apron is a unique, European product. Since our 100% cowhide leather is not coated with unnecessary lacquer, all individual natural features are retained. If you buy a ROHLEDER leather apron, you will always receive a truly unique item with its own story.

The further development of a high quality leather product

Finally, we also designed a high-quality and attractive packaging. Our leather aprons are also very suitable as gifts. However, we strived for a further improvement and expansion of our range. That is why we have recently started offering the personalization of our leather aprons. On the one hand, texts and logos can be embossed, which can be freely placed according to the ideas of our customers. On the other hand, the high-quality leather products can be embroidered with a colored logo. With its unique quality, the personalized leather apron underlines the high quality of the brand or company, which becomes an integral part of the unique item through the embossing or embroidery. Since the personalized leather apron is certainly not the last advancement of our quality products, our story has only reached a stopover.

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