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ROHLEDER BBQ gloves: Our latest development of the highest quality

ROHLEDER BBQ gloves: Our latest development of the highest quality

Our enthusiasm for high-quality leather products manifested itself in the handmade ROHLEDER leather aprons, which are characterized by a unique design and high quality. The personalization with logos and texts was another milestone in our company history. We look forward to introducing you to our latest development in this blog post, which is once again a testament to impressive craftsmanship and meets the highest quality standards. Our ROHLEDER BBQ gloves are the ideal symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics and the perfect extension of our range.

The unique combination of comfort and comprehensive protection

We wanted to develop the best possible BBQ gloves to match our leather aprons. We asked real barbecue experts about the properties of the perfect barbecue glove. We fully incorporated the feedback into our development in Austria and combined it with our leather expert knowledge. The result is high-quality barbecue gloves that are convincing with their mobility, comfort and tactility and at the same time offer optimal heat protection. The closure on the forearm effectively protects against embers and flying sparks, but also when handling fire plates. Our high-quality ROHLEDER barbecue gloves are handmade in Hungary according to our design. Each BBQ glove is truly unique.

High quality materials in a unique combination

We only use the best materials to offer you the really best BBQ glove. Soft goatskin is used for the fingers, which guarantees the greatest possible mobility. The robust goatskin is particularly light and supple. Heat-resistant Fireblock leather is processed on the forearm in connection with a Kevlar lining. As a result, the ROHLEDER BBQ gloves offer effective protection against radiant heat. In addition, the robust Fireblock leather impresses with its exceptional tear resistance. The kevlar felt used on the inside also contributes to the remarkable heat resistance of the BBQ gloves. Even the threads used are made of flame-retardant aramid. The digital leather specially applied to the palm of the hand protects against contact heat and at the same time ensures excellent grip. This means that the BBQ tools are always safe in the hand and every work step can be carried out with pinpoint accuracy. The leather on the back of the hand is particularly permeable to sweat and increases wearing comfort. The Kevlar cuff at the end of the forearm protection not only ensures a good finish, but also makes it easy to put on and take off. With the ROHLEDER BBQ gloves, there are no compromises in terms of quality.

Versatile application options with an optimal fit

The ROHLEDER BBQ gloves not only offer optimal protection when barbecuing, but are also convincing when deep-frying or in a hot oven. We offer you our latest development in different sizes (S / M / L) for an optimal fit. The packaging, designed with attention to detail, rounds off the overall effect of our high-quality barbecue gloves. In connection with a ROHLEDER leather apron every BBQ, cooking and deep-frying becomes a special experience with the highest possible protection and outstanding comfort. Upon request, each leather apron can be further individualized according to your ideas.

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