Fine leather belt


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Handmade in Austria

A handmade belt made from our waxed aniline leather, a natural, beautiful leather with no synthetic finishing, with a sturdy stainless steel buckle.

The leather is not coated, only waxed and oiled. This means that natural features such as scars and insect bites remain visible, and it has an incredibly pleasant surface feel. The belts are double-layered with high-quality genuine leather lining. Each belt is unique and may vary slightly in color and texture.

We use purely European materials for production - from the thread to the fastening screw. This is the only way we can ensure the excellent quality and good workmanship that make our products so special.


Aniline leather and nickel-free stainless steel buckle from Italy


Width 3.5cm | Length up to 120 cm (47in)

Cleaning and care

The belt can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth and does not tolerate cleaning agents! In the case of stubborn dirt, the soiled area must first be moistened to soften, as repeated rubbing with wet, rough cloths can lead to slight abrasion of the wax layer. The belt is not machine washable. Any scratches or worn areas can be treated with a leather care product.

Scope of order

1x fine leather belt in a high quality gift box


Personal experience with belts of inferior quality prompted the ROHLEDER team to reinvent the tried-and-tested concept by using only the highest quality materials and genuine craftsmanship. The result is the ROHLEDER genuine leather belt, which is extremely robust and easy to care for.

The real leather from Italy and the durable stainless steel buckle result in a unique composition that is timelessly elegant. Since the uncoated leather has all the natural features such as insect bites and scars, each of the handmade leather belts is truly unique.

If you buy our ROHLEDER belts, you are purchasing quality at the highest level. Thanks to the good care properties, a wet cloth is enough to quickly remove all kinds of dirt.