Hot stamp text

Hot stamp logo

Embossing text

20 $ each

3 Size

Maximum of 20 letters

We emboss the desired text into the leather with a prefabricated letter set.


  • Capital letters from A-Z
  • Numbers
  • . & -,

As standard, we emboss the desired text in the chest area of the aprons. If you have special placement requirements, simply send us an inquiry.

This option can easily be selected when placing an order in the shop.

Logo Embossing

100-300 $ one-time + 15 $ per piece

3 Size

Maximum cliché size 15x10cm (5.9x3.9in)

We will have an embossing cliché made with your logo and emboss it on the apron at a location of your choice.

This variant of personalization is only recommended for larger quantities, as the one-off costs of the embossing cliché are incurred.

After completion, the cliché will be sent to you with the aprons.