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Leather table set by ROHLEDER – functional and timelessly beautiful

Leather table set by ROHLEDER – functional and timelessly beautiful

The high quality assortment of ROHLEDER is extended by another unique product with the functional leather table set. Our genuine leather coasters are a stylish way to prevent unnecessary stains as well as edges on surfaces. Accordingly, both practical and decorative advantages are associated with the leather table set.

Comfort through outstanding care properties

The team of ROHLEDER had the leather table set in continuous use for more than six months to convince themselves comprehensively of the quality and functionality. We were surprised ourselves how outstandingly good the leather glass coasters still looked after intensive use. Thanks to the waxed surface, impurities can be wiped off quickly and easily with just a wet cloth. Accordingly, no special cleaning agents are required to enjoy durable aesthetics. In addition, as with the leather aprons, greases are absorbed without a trace and, accordingly, without residue. However, from time to time the leather can still be treated with suitable leather care products to bring out the beauty of the placemat more intensively.

Individual nuances with timeless elegance

Since the leather surface is not coated, all natural features are preserved. Light color gradients caress the eyes of the viewer. However, it is precisely these individual nuances that also distinguish high-quality genuine leather. If you expect a perfectly even surface, you should go for plastic coasters with a leather look, but they don’t come remotely close to the quality of ROHLEDER’s leather coasters.

In the development of the new product, we attached importance not only to high-quality material, but also to an attractive choice of different colors. A suitable and appealing color is offered for every taste and the most diverse room and table designs. Leather table set is perfect for a special evening with guests that you want to surprise with a unique table decoration.

The leather table set combines the rustic charm of leather with a timeless elegance to create a special composition.

High quality in an uncompromising form

Every pleasant touch of the soft leather reveals that this is a high-quality product with great attention to detail. The glass coasters are lined with split leather to give them more substance and a better grip on the table. In contrast, plastic glass coasters in particular tend to slip more quickly.

The leather table set is handmade in Austria and convinces with an outstanding robustness and durability. As is common for natural leather, leather coasters age over time and develop a classic, unique leather character that adds a special touch to the individuality of each coaster.

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