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Leather care Wagner’s Original – for intensive and sustainable leather care

Wagner’s Original – for intensive and sustainable leather care

Whether the ROHLEDER leather aprons, the ROHLEDER barbecue gloves or the ROHLEDER knife bags, all products from our company have in common that only the best materials are used. Cleaning is extremely easy and can be done with a damp, lint-free cloth. Wiped lightly over the area to be cleaned once or twice and soiling is a thing of the past. In order to give the natural leather a special intensive care for an even higher longevity, the use of a leather grease is recommended. In this blog post we would like to introduce you to the unique care product Wagner’s Original, which was specially developed for our ROHLEDER products and knows how to impress with its special properties.

The story of its origins – the best possible care as the top priority

The development of our colorless leather grease was preceded by extensive testing of various cleaning products. We found out that many manufacturers use cheap lanolin for their leather grease. This natural product, which is obtained from washing sheep’s wool, is very poorly absorbed in leather and gives the material a sticky note. We wanted to develop a high-quality product that does not have these disadvantages, consists only of natural ingredients and gives the leather intensive care. To achieve this goal, we combined a wide variety of oils and waxes. In view of the high quality requirements, it took time, but Wagner’s Original saw the light of day. Our leather care is easy to apply, is quickly absorbed, impregnated and preserves the natural beauty of the leather.

The natural ingredients for natural leather care

The central components of Wagner’s Original are jojoba oil, beeswax and castor oil. Beeswax consists mainly of hydrocarbons, fatty acids and alcohol. Due to the fatty acids it contains, the wax is not soluble in water and can only be dissolved in alcohol or oils. Due to this property, beeswax is ideally suited as a water and dirt repellent coating in leather care. The Romans and Egyptians used the wax to seal jugs, wooden figures and wooden ships. In leather care, the natural product not only effects an impregnation, but also a slight darkening of individual areas, so that smaller scratches are simply no longer visible. In connection with jojoba oil and castor oil, the natural substance develops an above-average care effect, which ensures long-lasting suppleness and the longest possible service life in the high-quality ROHLEDER products.

This is how you achieve an outstanding care effect with Wagner’s Original

Leather care is extremely uncomplicated with Wagner’s Original. The leather should first be freed of any dirt residues with a damp cloth. The grease can then be applied to the surface with a cotton cloth, a horse hair brush or simply with your fingers. Under no circumstances should synthetic brushes be used as they are too hard and can scratch the surface. You only need a little of Wagner’s Original to get an excellent care effect and to remove light scratches. Therefore, our product also convinces with an astonishing yield. The leather care product, which is relatively odorless and specially developed for ROHLEDER products, can of course also be used to care for shoes, belts and comparable leather products. However, it must be taken into account that the care product is not suitable for coated leather, as is often found in the interior of vehicles. If in doubt, you can test whether it is a coated surface in just a few steps. Apply some leather care to one area and if it still has not been absorbed after around 5 minutes, it is presumably a coated leather. In such a case, the surface should be wiped down with water and a little washing-up liquid and cleaned with it. With the high-quality ROHLEDER products, Wagner’s Original is the ultimate for a well-cared for surface.

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