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Leather aprons: sustainable, long-lasting, natural and individual

Leather aprons: sustainable, long-lasting, natural and individual

Leather production is considered the oldest craft in human history and brings to light a unique material that is also used today in various products. Sometimes the numerous positive properties and the naturalness of leather lead to its continued popularity. But is it also a sustainable material? What are the advantages of genuine leather in general and in comparison with artificial leather? This blog post will get to the bottom of these and other questions.

The advantages of natural genuine leather compared to artificial leather

With countless products, a look at the materials used leads to the realization that faux leather is a commonly found material. Imitation leather consists either of various fibers or mixed fabrics and is often coated with PVC. In particular, the cheap plastic leathers lead to severe environmental pollution and, in the worst case, end up in our seas after disposal. Although imitation leather is relatively close to real leather in appearance, it cannot come close to matching its technical properties. Genuine leather is water repellent, breathable, oil absorbent and extremely durable. The natural product is the result of environmentally friendly production and is based on a renewable raw material. It should be noted that leather is a by-product of the meat industry and therefore no animals are slaughtered for leather production. The pleasant feel and extreme durability also make genuine leather the clear winner. For this reason, ROHLEDER leather aprons are made exclusively from 100% cowhide leather.

Leather aprons: the symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics

The material properties sometimes develop their strengths when cooking and barbecuing. It is known that oil and fat splashes cannot be avoided when preparing food. This can result in undesirable contamination and is difficult to remove from most aprons. With a leather apron without a plastic surface, as is always the case with the high-quality products from ROHLEDER, the oil is simply absorbed and does not leave any unsightly stains. The oil even cares for the leather and makes it pleasantly supple. The water-repellent property ensures a constant weight even when cooking with a lot of liquids. The handmade aprons from ROHLEDER are also non-flammable. Thus flying sparks does not pose a threat and safety is increased many times over. Even if the leather apron is held in front of an open fire for several seconds, it will not catch fire. The positive material properties are also valued by butchers and contribute to a growing interest in natural leather aprons.

Naturalness: The guarantee for unique individuality

While a layer of lacquer is applied to most leather aprons in order to obtain a surface that is as even as possible, ROHLEDER aprons are simply oiled. As a result, all natural features, such as individual scars, folds of the cowhide and insect bites, are preserved. This makes every leather apron unique, preserving the history of the leather and underlining the individuality of the wearer. Each surface is structured differently. The expert knowledge of ROHLEDER in terms of leather tanning and finishing contributes to the completion of the unique effect. The naturalness of the leather convinces all professional groups from cooks to butchers. With a personalization, such as a text or logo embossing, the unique character can be emphasized even more intensively.

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