Company Details

Company Details

Zetaworks e.U.

Owner – Paul Ortner

Trade of leather and leathercrafts

VAT number: ATU71394939

FN: 481506 y

FB court: Wels regional court

Headquarters: 4730 Waizenkirchen

Corethstrasse 1/5, Austria

Tel: +436767033382

Email: [email protected]

Member of the WKÖ and WKOÖ

Professional law: trade regulations

Trade authority: District administration Grieskirchen

Trade wording: trade with the exception of the regulated trade and commercial agent

Awarding state: Austria

Consumers have the opportunity to send any complaints to the above email address.

Alternatively, the online dispute settlement platform provided by the EU can be used at . (Please see company terms and conditions for more information)