Best materials for outstanding protection and optimal agility


The barbecue gloves offer maximum agility.


Thanks to natural bovine leather, the grill gloves are extremely breathable.

High-quality materials

We use only the best materials for the high quality product.

Heat protection

Neither flames nor embers, heat and flying sparks pose a danger.

Gloves in S / M / L

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Kevlar lining – flame resistant and insulating

With the ROHLEDER BBQ gloves, the hands and forearms are protected by a flame-resistant,
insulating kevlar lining. The palms are additionaly protected by a heat resistant felt.

This 4-layer structure offers optimal protection from
radiating heat.

Kevlar thread – highly durable and flame retardant

The threads used are made of flame-resistant aramid and are extremely durable.
The high quality of the ROHLEDER BBQ gloves becomes apparent with a single glance at their handiwork.

Goatskin – for a high degree of mobility

The black goatskin built into the palm and fingers is
very soft and provides unique mobility that no other grill glove
can offer.

Bovine Leather – natural and breathable

Both the back of the hand and the forearm are made of soft, natural leather, which knows how to impress with its excellent breathability.

Digital leather – ideal grip with optimal protection

The digital leather applied to the palm of the hand ensures excellent grip and
protects against contact heat at the same time. Thanks to the fine, specially sanded bovine leather, hot surfaces pose no danger.

Fire-Block – for perfect forearm protection

With the ROHLEDER BBQ gloves, the forearm is optimally protected by the heat-resistant Fire-Block leather. The flame-resistant suede was originally developed to be
used with firefighters gloves.

Kevlar cuff – comfortable and robust at the same time

The flameproof Kevlar cuff at the end of the forearm protectors allows for quick and easy equipping and removal, and effectively protects against embers and flying with an optimal closure. The spun-dyed aramid thread used is extremely robust.

Product description

ROHLEDER grill gloves are made of only the best materials and convince with outstanding agility as well as heat resistance.

Soft goatskin on the fingers, heat-resistant Fireblock leather on the forearm, threads of flame-resistant aramid and high-quality digital leather on the palms form a unique composition that meets the highest quality standards.

Whether at the barbecue or in the kitchen, you are optimally protected from heat, embers and flying sparks at all times. Thanks to the Kevlar cuff at the end of the forearm protection, the barbecue gloves are particularly easy to put on and take off.

However, the European product also knows how to convince in terms of design and offers numerous details that reveal the high quality of ROHLEDER barbecue gloves at a glance.





To match our high-quality leather aprons, we wanted to develop the best possible barbecue gloves and therefore asked true barbecue experts about the characteristics of a perfect barbecue glove.

We combined the valuable feedback with our leather expertise and finally created the ROHLEDER barbecue gloves, which offer maximum agility as well as tactility and at the same time optimal heat protection.

Whether at the barbecue, frying, stone oven or handling fire plates, at any time you get comprehensive protection from heat, embers and flying sparks.

Only the best materials are used and are the basis for a unique, European product. Each barbecue glove is handmade in Hungary according to our Austrian design and is to be regarded as a truly unique item with its own history of creation.

Die Symbiose aus Funktionalität und Design zeichnen die ROHLEDER Grillhandschuhe aus, die die höchsten Qualitätsansprüche erfüllen und im Sinne Ihrer Zufriedenheit mit viel Liebe zum Detail entwickelt wurden.


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