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Leather Apron "Toro"



A natural, heat-resistant and water-repellent leather apron in broen, made from 100% Italian cowhide. Thanks to the pleasantly low weight of 700g, you can enjoy ultimate freedom of movement and wearing comfort. The apron also offers ample storage space (three pockets). With these properties, it is an indispensable companion both on the grill and in the workshop.

The leather is natural and not coated. As a result, natural features are visible on the surface and the coloring is not 100% homogeneous. The surface has been treated with wax to make the leather water-repellent. The natural surface treatment not only makes the apron easy to care for and durable, but also brings out the unique characteristics of the leather skin.

Each BBQ apron is delivered in a high-quality gift box, which also makes the apron ideal for special occasions.


Real leather from Italy, wipeable and water-repellent


Cleaning and care

The leather apron can be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth. In the case of stubborn dirt such as dried sauce or dough, the soiled area must first be moistened to soften, as repeated rubbing with wet, rough cloths can lead to slight abrasion of the wax layer. It is not machine washable. Grease and oil splashes soak into the leather without leaving stains.

Any scratches or worn areas can be treated with a leather care product.

Scope of order

A Toro design leather apron, brown, Gift box included


The unique symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics.

Our high-quality, handmade leather aprons are the result of a passion for the material used and our own claim to create unique and natural one-offs that meet the highest quality standards and at the same time offer maximum comfort and functionality.

From development in Austria to leather production in Italy to further processing in Portugal - every ROHLEDER leather apron is a European product with its own history.

Whether cooking, BBQ or in a forge, natural products can be marked by individual scars, folds and insect bites be used in different areas. The water-repellent, non-flammable and resistant surface always gives you optimal protection against a wide variety of influences.

The composition of expert knowledge, outstanding material and lived passion is aimed at your satisfaction and is a reflection of our quality philosophy.