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BBQ Gloves



The ROHLEDER barbecue gloves are made exclusively from the best materials and impress with their excellent mobility and heat resistance.

Soft goatskin on the fingers, heat-resistant
Fireblock leather on the forearms, flame-resistant aramid threads and high-quality digital leather on the palms form a unique composition that meets the highest quality standards.

Whether on the grill or in the kitchen, you are always well protected from heat, embers and flying sparks. Thanks to the Kevlar cuff at the end of the forearm protection, the grilling gloves can be put on and taken off particularly easily.
They also protect against flying sparks. However, the European product is also convincing in terms of design and offers numerous details that show the high quality of the ROHLEDER grilling gloves at a glance.


Goatskin | Cowhide | split leather | Aramid fabric | Kevlar felt



The grill gloves are available in sizes S / M / L which can be translated into the following glove sizes:

S: 7-8

M: 9-10

L: 11-12

Cleaning and care

The gloves can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth. In the case of stubborn dirt such as dried sauce or dough, the soiled area must first be moistened to soften, as repeated rubbing with wet, rough cloths can lead to slight abrasion of the wax layer. The gloves are not machine washable.

Any scratches or worn areas can be treated with a leather care product.

Scope of order

1 pair of barbecue gloves in the desired size. Delivered in a high-quality decorative box.


We wanted to develop the best possible grilling gloves to go with our high-quality leather aprons and therefore asked real BBQ experts about the properties of a perfect grilling glove.

We combined the valuable feedback with our leather expert knowledge and finally created the ROHLEDER barbecue gloves, which offer maximum mobility and tactility at the same time as optimal heat protection.

Whether on the grill, deep-frying, on the stone oven or when handling fire plates, you will always have comprehensive protection against heat, embers and flying sparks.

Only the best materials are used and form the basis for a unique, European product. Each grill glove is handmade in Hungary according to our Austrian design and is to be regarded as a truly unique item with its own history of origin. The symbiosis of functionality and design characterize the ROHLEDER grilling gloves, which meet the highest quality standards and have been developed with great attention to detail to ensure your satisfaction.