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Breathability of leather

The breathability of leather – the guarantee for a high level of comfort

Our high-quality leather aprons and barbecue gloves are characterized, among other things, by their excellent breathability. This property is very important to us and essential in terms of comfort. ROHLEDER only uses uncoated leather, which is particularly permeable to water vapor and significantly reduces the formation of sweat. But why is sweating not a problem with ROHLEDER leather aprons and barbecue gloves? And to what extent can a coating change the positive properties of the leather? In this blog post we would like to get to the bottom of these and other questions.

Natural permeability – why leather is breathable

One of the special properties of leather is its breathability, i.e. the ability to absorb water and water vapor and transport it to the surface. The leather literally develops the function of a second skin. This ability proves to be a blessing, especially with our leather aprons and barbecue gloves . As soon as it is warm in the summer or a heat source emits considerable heat, as can be the case with an open barbecue, the leather ensures a reduction in perspiration. Breathability varies depending on the type of leather. Basically, a softer leather speaks for a better loosening of the fiber structure. This is particularly important for the permeability of leather. It should be noted that only genuine leather offers these positive properties in this intensity. Sometimes the comparison of a good leather jacket with an artificial leather jacket makes it clear that the artificial variant is far from being able to achieve the breathability of a genuine leather jacket.

Leather coating – not every leather is permeable to water vapor

Genuine leather does indeed speak for good breathability in principle, but there are other factors worth noting. Some leathers are coated and therefore have very limited water vapor permeability. The reason for this is the closure of pores and fibers in the leather, which, however, are essential for the removal of water and water vapor. Coated leathers are primarily found in the automotive and furniture industries. Even though coated leather is still much more breathable than synthetic leather, the highest level of water vapor permeability can only be achieved with an uncoated surface. The sustainable and long-lasting ROHLEDER leather aprons are simply oiled and therefore offer a high level of breathability in addition to an individual surface. Equally convincing are the ROHLEDER barbecue gloves, which are extremely breathable thanks to the natural cowhide leather. The soft goatskin on the fingers rounds off the effect without impairing the high heat and fire resistance of the unique product.

The other goal – why some leather manufacturers still coat

Given these great advantages of an uncoated surface, the question arises why some leather manufacturers still opt for a coating. Coated leather regularly has a more even color and surface because the natural leather features are covered. Even after a long period of time, hardly any changes can be seen on coated surfaces. In the furniture and automotive industries, these properties definitely correspond to customer requirements. We made a conscious decision to use a natural surface for our products. On the one hand, in terms of outstanding breathability, and on the other hand, every leather apron and barbecue glove is truly unique. The natural surface is extremely easy to care for and brings out the unique characteristics of the dermis to their best advantage. With our products, a simple wipe is enough to remove leftover food or something similar. Oil and fat splashes are even a nourishing elixir on ROHLEDER leather aprons, which are simply absorbed, leave no annoying stains and make the leather softer. Dry areas of the leather apron can even be rubbed with a little sunflower oil to keep it supple. Coated leather does not have such care options. ROHLEDER stands for the preservation of the unique leather properties and an individual look that is second to none.

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